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Why porcelain tile ?

Today, porcelain tile is widely replacing natural flooring materials like marble and hard wood floors with their improved likeness due to inkjet technology, famous durability, ease of maintenance and affordability.

Inspired from original natural stones, hardwood floors or cement floors  the factories are also able to adopt their designs and colors to our changing styles in 22nd century.

What is a wall tile ?

Porcelain Tiles can go on the floor and on the wall.  Some ceramic tiles are specially made for walls.

Porcelain tiles are new generation ceramic tiles. They are harder and stronger than their ceramic precedents. Therefore, they make an excellent floor tiles. Beside, they can also go on the walls. On the other hand, there are two different type of ceramic tiles : Red Body and White Body.

What is called red body is the old fashion ceramic tiles made for floors. Those that you would see the clay under the glaze when it chipped. We don’t sell or recommend red body ceramic tiles.

White body ceramic tiles are the modern wall tiles.

Over 1,400 Floor and Wall Tiles in Pompano Beach

In Our Pompano Beach Showroom, we display over 1,400 floor and wall tiles in every style, size and color at the most competitive prices.