Porcelain Tiles At Wholesale Prices

Large Format Polished Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tiles are the most popular floor covering material of modern days with their unlimited design options, increased durability, and their easy maintenance.

In recent years, European porcelain manufacturers overcame all the limitations in the industry with new technologic improvements and made it possible to turn anything and everything into a porcelain tile.

Until only a few years ago, Inkjet printing that added a fantastic likeness to tiles was a future exclusive to expensive high-end products. Today this feature became an industry standard that we don’t even list it among product specifications.

Another big problem in the industry used to be the size. It took decades to produce 24″ x 24″ tiles. Today manufacturers can produce a huge 60″ x 120″ size porcelain floor and wall tiles.

Beside the likeness to the originals flooring materials and the size, today some manufacturers also added a polished finish to their production with the help of nanotechnology.

What is a wholesale price? Is it possible to purchase porcelain tiles at the wholesale price?

Porcelain manufacturers sell their products by 20-foot containers. Therefore a minimum order is between ten to twelve thousand square feet. Plus they are located overseas. Therefore it would be hard for a homeowner to purchase directly from the manufacturer that is in another country.

As it’s difficult for a homeowner, it’s also difficult for a small tile store to purchase tiles from the factory. Tiles require warehouse, equipment, and extra staff.

Therefore, there are companies that buy directly from the factory and keep stock in their warehouses. These are the companies that sell their tiles to the stores thru displays samples. Those companies are called a distributor. The stores that sell their products are called the dealer.

In such a system, wholesale prices are exclusive to dealers.

Some dealers may claim that they offer wholesale prices. However, this claim is more than a fact, is an advertisement.

In Tiles & Stone Warehouse, we import directly from the factories and store our tiles in our warehouse located right behind of showroom.  On the other hand, we also offer some dealer type tiles to provide a more extensive selection. However, we let our customers know when they are interested in a distributor tile.

Our price policy is to offer our factory-direct tiles to retail customers at the prices lower than a distributor would provide to dealers. We also sell the dealer tiles at the most competitive prices since our existence doesn’t depend on it. Here are some great deals on tiles you may want to visit.

Most Popular Porcelain Tiles

If we were to make a list of the most popular porcelain tiles, we have to write wood effect tiles to the top of our list. Then regardless of the look and color, large format tiles like 30″x 30″, 32″ x 32″ and 24″ x 48″ tiles will be our runner-up.

Marble effect, Stone effect, and Concrete effect tiles are the most popular styles among large format tiles.

Most popular colors are white and all shades of grey color. Earth tones are still a good option for a warm feel interior.