Wood Look Tiles At Tiles & Stone Warehouse

light wood look tile koru peach from Italy
Light Wood Look Tile Koru-Peach From Italy

Wood Look Tiles are the newest flooring style, and they are very trendy. However, the idea of making tiles that look like wood is not new. More advanced technologies that factories have today made this idea come to life.

Wood Look Tiles Are Available In A Broad Range of Color and Style

When factories are designing new models, there is no limitation in creativity. The design team can apply the graining of oak wood tree to the graining of maple tree and can use the sky as their background color.

Besides, while working on such a crazy idea, they can do it with an amazing likeness to the original hardwood floors that no one could realize whether it’s the natural hardwood or wood look tile.

Wood Look Tiles Come With The Durability of Porcelain Floor Tiles.

Porcelain floor tiles are famous with their durability and ease of maintenance.

Unlike natural flooring material, they require very little or no care at all.

They are also more affordable.

Therefore, porcelain floor tiles that look like wood offer a new option to those who always loved the warm feeling of hardwood floors but who didn’t want to deal with its maintenance or was afraid of water damage.

Size Matters

Wood look tiles come in planks. Comparing to today’s new 30×30 or 24×24 tiles that are widely replacing 24×24 tiles, individual wood planks cover a smaller square footage. 8×48 is the most common size. Because, while it’s still large enough, the installation cost is the same as the 30×30 tile.

We advise shoppers to chose sizes bigger than 6″ x 36″ and invest in Porcelain Tiles rather than Ceramic Tiles for Flooring.

When compared with square or rectangle tiles, individual pieces of wood look tiles cover smaller surfaces than other tiles.  Therefore, we advise shoppers to chose sizes bigger than 6″ x 36″ to avoid grout and seam issues.  6″ x 24″ size tile is equivalent of  12″ x 12″ tile, 6″ x 36″ is equivalent of 16″ x 16″ tile. These are sizes that we consider old.When remodeling your floor, you may want to use an up to date tile size as much as an up to date tile style.