Grey Tiles

Every Shade Of Grey Tiles
Grey tile is still very trendy, and it seems to be the first choice for residential and commercial flooring, also in 2019. Wood Look, Concrete Look and Limestone Look tiles are still the most popular styles in this color. Grey color glass, subways tiles, large format bathroom tiles along with accent wall mosaics are other popular styles. This versatile color can give a different feel to the interiors depending on its shades. Whereas light shades  make a neutral, peaceful feel interior, dark shades bring a classy and upscale feel. You can also use the light shades to calm down your existing interiors style, or you use the dark shades to bring your interior style forefront.

If you’re concern about matching your existing furniture with grey tiles, do not worry. Almost everything matches with grey. Besides its style-wise versatility, Grey color also offers a color-wise versatility. Actually, this is the secret behind its popularity.

If you’re worried about your tile going out of style, just don’t. Grey has been consistent over the years. The stress and distraction of the modern world require more and more peaceful interiors. There is no better color than grey for that!

You can easily build a living room, kitchen or a bathroom around medium to light grey floors. Or you can complement an entire decoration with dar grey accent wall or backsplash tile. It’s an easy color to work with.  You can either use it to blend or make the things just pop.

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