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White Tiles

White tiles are, by far, the most popular elements of today’s modern interiors. White with grey, white with the shades of gold or pure white tiles have been at the top of the bestseller list for almost a decade now.

First of all, white brings a clean look. It’s the canvas of interior design to tone down our style or bring it forefront. Besides, white floors make the room look bigger. White matches every color and style. It’s modern. It’s contemporary, transitional, or traditional. White is all the styles. It may be humble or luxurious. Can there be another color more versatile than white?

In the world of marble tiles, white tiles are the most expensive ones. Statuary, Calacatta, Carrara, Dolomite, Arabescato, Mystery White, and Thassos marble range from $10.00 to $60-70.00/sqft depending on their size and selection.
On the other hand, today’s we have modern white porcelain tiles that can give us the same look of those costly marbles on a significantly lower budget. Moreover, while designing a white tile, undesired veins and colors can be eliminated at the factory. We can have perfection in the look.

Many people who have marble floors, complain about its maintenance. Porcelain tiles don’t require maintenance the marble does. They are easy to clean. They hardly scratch. If you have kids or pets, porcelain tiles are ideal. Also, modern tiles get their glossy look from polishing, not from the glaze. They are not as slippery as glossy tiles. If you like the look of white marble for your interiors, porcelain tiles today come superior features, and we have plenty of them. We also have a blog that we hope it may help you choose the right white tile.