Alara Mix

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Alara Mix Polished Mosaic Tile For Kitchen, Vanity Backsplash And Bathroom Walls.

Enhance the look of any room with amazing designer mosaic tile. Tiles and shop Warehouse has a wide collection of tiles in different color shades, shapes and finishes that give a style statement to your home. Glass Mosaic tile in blue shade are most used for bathrooms and Swimming pool. The swimming pool is the most luxurious part of your home and its important to make it luxurious. Use the Alara Mix glass Mosaic tiles on the wall of the bathroom, as a backsplash, in the kitchen and get the dream look. Check out these amazing Mosaic tiles such as – Green Onyx, Suomi Grey,  Lauben Blanco, Belize Aquamarine, Beige Arid, Azul Traful,  and Ayas Mix for your bathroom or kitchen to put more grace in your dream home.



Noir Deco

Nooi Deco is an American decorative company with production abroad. Their mosaics represent a high style of great quality. Besides, they are very competitive in their prices

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in