Anne Strips


ANNE Strips mix polished mosaic tile for kitchen, vanity backsplash, and bathroom walls. Comes on the mesh for easy installation.

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ANNE Strips Mix Polished Mosaic Tile For Kitchen, Vanity Backsplash And Bathroom Walls.

Anne Strips Tile uses brass looking hardwood with golden painted blocks. It gives the illusion of gold. Use it near firework place or in the kitchen.

A new design for wall and floor decoration. Assemble different sizes rectangle pieces of tiles to form a pattern. Tiles can be of any size and any color and design.

Arrange tiles horizontally of different colors that form long strips. Have a look at the picture below to understand the pattern. Thinking to give a new look to the common area wall. On any base color wall simply place the tiles to form a design and your wall is ready to excel.


noir deco

Nooi Deco is an American decorative company with production abroad. Their mosaics represent a high style of great quality. Besides, they are very competitive in their prices

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Dimensions12 × 12 in