Ater Aluminum Mix


Ater Aluminum Mix Mosaic Tile for kitchen, vanity backsplash, and bathroom walls. Available on a 12×12 mesh for easy installation.

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Ater Aluminum Mix Mosaic Tile For Kitchen, Vanity Backsplash And Bathroom Walls.

Ater Aluminum Mix tile is blend of Aluminum and glass. Tile has glossy look from glass and strength from aluminum. Use it in bathroom but avoid under shower, near fireplace and on featured wall. Durable and lightweight at the same time. Can be used as ceiling too.

Aluminum tiles has exquisite surface with astonishing feel. Color and pattern is amazing and its going to catch every eye. Use it in a portion or in any room, design is going to take your heart away. Feel free to ask any question.



noir deco

Nooi Deco is an American decorative company with production abroad. Their mosaics represent a high style of great quality. Besides, they are very competitive in their prices

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Dimensions12 × 12 in