Belize Aquamarine


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Belize Aquamarine Mix Polished Mosaic Tile For Kitchen, Vanity Backsplash And Bathroom Walls

Blue color adds peace and life around. Get the flawless look you are searching for bathroom and Pool area. Its creative tile with high dense quality. Square shaped glass looking tiles in different colors of blue make atmosphere refreshing.

Use the Aquamarine tile in pool and bathroom floor and walls and fill like ocean. Water droplets on blue color enhances look around. Panel of beautiful multi-colored small square tiles gives modern and elegant feel. Beauty of house is in home makers hand, color life with amazing designer tiles.


noir deco

Nooi Deco is an American decorative company with production abroad. Their mosaics represent a high style of great quality. Besides, they are very competitive in their prices

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Dimensions12 × 12 in