Blumen Beige

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Blumen Beige Mosaic Tile For Kitchen, Vanity Backsplash And Bathroom Walls.

Blumen Beige Mosaic tile is a beautiful arty design to decorate walls and floor. Small square tiles make different wall pattern. Tiles have beautiful flower embossed. The black and white combination is amazing for any room. Different shades of beige tiles are placed together to make a huge pattern. Blumen Grey is another collection you can go for, Arrange it in any shape of choice. Arrange it in any shape of choice.

Us Mosaic tile is best for commercial and residential renovation.  Use the pattern with plain tiles or use the pattern on a complete wall, it is going to catch the eyes.


Noir Deco

Nooi Deco is an American decorative company with production abroad. Their mosaics represent a high style of great quality. Besides, they are very competitive in their prices

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in