White Dolomite Basket Weaves- BD


White Dolomite basket weaves with black dots for kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower walls or floors. Comes on 12×12 mesh.

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White Dolomite basket weaves with black dots. The designer can play with colors for an amazing interior.
Customers nowadays ask for amazing designs made from stones or glass. Mosaic is an artwork where small material as of glass, stone are arranged to make a design or image. It’s ancient artwork.
Materials used are glass, natural stone, porcelain, and metal. Most asked shapes are square, mini brick, basket weave, round, hexagon, etc.
Any Combination provides an amazing look to the Shower floor, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash, fireplaces, etc. Make home luxurious with Mosaic tile in Dolomite basket weaves with black dots.
Customers get an amazing design in a polished finish.

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