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White & Grey Marble Deco Basket Weaves. Carrara marble, decorative mosaic on 12×12 mesh for kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower walls, and floors.



White & Grey Marble Deco Basket Weaves. Decorative mosaic tile on a 12″ x 12″ sheet $12.50

Whether you are redesigning a kitchen or bathroom, decorative tiles can be an essential part to making the most of any space. If you want to create a unique feeling in a space a basket weave tile pattern is an excellent way to create a textured and unique feel in your design plan. Marble Deco Basket weaves in white and grey are a beautiful example of what makes this decorative tile so perfect for designing in your home. Basket weave is a pattern that comes in different versions, and this one looks impressive on floors as well as walls. Thus using this tile style makes a simple place more dynamic and aesthetically appealing. So consider this tile pattern for your space using an amazing eye-catching design. If you have a decorative taste and need a distinctive look for your home design, go for marble basket weaves tiles.

The basket weave pattern on the floor added with other  real marble look or wood look tiles makes an amazing combination – classy and trendy. Use amazing White and grey marble deco basket weaves on walls or floor to add beauty. Bring the old tradition back to home using tiles on floors and bathroom.