8×48 Gardenia Honey Wood Tile

$5.29 Sqft

8×48 Wood Look Rectified Porcelain Tile. Made in Italy


Wood textured tile Gardenia Honey will feel like the real wood under your feet. But it will clean like the porcelain tile.

Unlike other wood look flooring products, the texture on porcelain tiles doesn’t pose a cleaning problem because it’s smooth.

Beside extreme durability and easy maintenance, Gardenia Honey looks just like the real wood. It comes with beautiful swirls and knots. Plus, It has a famous Italian style and high quality.

Wood textured tile Gardenia honey comes with excellent graphics that look like the real hardwood floors. It also blends Italian aesthetic with the likeness of the wood.

No need to spend time and money in maintaining the look of wood. Wood look tile is durable and easy to clean. The won’t dent. They will barely scratch.

Today, porcelain tiles make the best wood alternative flooring products. They have superior features compared to laminate, vinyl and engineered wood floors. They can be used in bathrooms as well as commercials floors. Besides, wood tiles perform better in wet areas than most flooring materials. Therefore, using wood textured tiles, such as Gardenia Honey, for bathroom floors is a trend that has been getting more and more popular.

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Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 48 in





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