Koru Apple Wood Looking Porcelain Tile 8×48

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Koru Apple is the signature line of Italy’s best tile maker Mirage. This wood plank comes with a unique surface technology resulting in jaw-dropping details. 8×48 rectified porcelain tile with colored-body.


Koru Apple Tile is a special product by Italian Mirage, revitalizing expensive fruit trees in porcelainware. This fantastic tile has a unique multi-layer decoration technology that delivers the most detailed graphics on a porcelain tile. It also comes with 80 different prints making it almost impossible for the eye to catch repetition. This is a flagship product that represents the company’s innovations in the ceramic industry.         

Mirage Koru Apple Tile is characterized by light veining effects, distinctive gnarls, and compact fibers on a bone-like background color that goes throughout the porcelain body. Moreover, It generates over a 0.42  Dynamic Coefficiency of Friction (DCOF) value. This tile is a safer option for bathroom and kitchen floors.

PEI Doesn’t Apply To Unglazed Tiles. 

Porcelain is a product of ceramic. Ceramic tiles with water absorption of 0.5% and lower are called porcelain tiles. Most Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are glazed. Whereas some companies have been pushing PEI as the hardness and durability of the tile, PEI is an abrasion test measuring the wear and tear of the glaze. You can have a ceramic tile with a PEI rating V, but it won’t last as long as the porcelain tile. The only indicator of the hardness is the water absorption level. Wood Look Tile Mirage Koru Apple Tile comes with a water absorption level below 0.1%. Therefore It’s an extremely hard product. Moreover, its color is consistent throughout its porcelain body(color-body tile), and it’s not glazed.

The durability of the tile depends on the installation as much as its hardness. If you want your tile to last, you may want to sure that your installer is using a good thinset and he’s not leaving hollow spots under your tile. Before asking PEI of your tile, you may want to ask the water absorption level of your tile.  Tile Council Of America is the only authority that about all tile related questions.


8×48 Rectified Porcelain Tile From Italy. Other available colors of this fantastic line are Mirage Koru Peach and Mirage Koru Nut.

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Mirage Ceramic

Mirage is an innovative porcelain tiles manufacturer from Italy. They are one of the most trusted tile brands in the world.

Additional information

Dimensions8 × 48 in

B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption



Unglazed / Matte




Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ≥0.42

Country of Origin



6 pieces per box

Box Weight



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