30×30 Lader Blanco Shiny Tile


Porcelain tile with marble look Lader Blanco mimics a light color marble with slight beige veining. 30×30 Rectified porcelain tile from Spain



Lader Blanco is a rectified porcelain tile from Spain by Cerpa the marble look. This tile mimics a light color marble with slight beige veining with a subtle look. If you want a light background color that is not white and a smooth veining character that’s not grey, you may have found that rare style in Lader Blanco. Besides, Lader Blanco’s large 30×30 surface is definitely going to make your room feel more spacious than before.

Lader Blanco comes with the high gloss finish that won’t stain and that’s very easy to clean.  It will also provide maintenance-free, timeless marble look to your floors. It’s light background color and beige color veining will complete most traditional interiors in earth tones.

Lader Blanco is not a cheap marble alternative

Porcelain tiles with marble look make the largest category of ceramic tiles. Initially invented as a cheaper alternative to the original marble floors, porcelain tiles today, come with realistic features. Many of today’s modern porcelain tiles can offer the same style look like the real marble without the maintenance.

Spanish tile Lader Blanco will definitely provide the look of the marble floors on a lower budget with no maintenance.


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Dimensions 30 × 30 in


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