Concrete Beige Porcelain Tile 30×30

$2.69 Sqft

30×30 rectified porcelain floor tile with the look of concrete floors for modern interiors in beige color. Made in Spain

Available 3,600/Sqft


A warm approach to concrete look floors: Concrete Beige Porcelain Tile

If you have been looking for a concrete look tile with a warm feel, you probably have noticed that most of these tiles come in white or grey tones and there aren’t too many options for a modern and sleek style when it comes to earth tones. Concrete beige is one of the tiles that we have for you that offers a warm feel in a modern style. It comes with the look of concrete floors in a beige color. Its design that mimics drying cement where the edges are slightly lighter then the rest of the tile has just enough amount of movement. This tile is a great alternative for those who don’t want the veiny look of marble look tiles.
30×30 rectified porcelain tile made in Spain with the matte finish.

Concrete Beige Porcelain Tie Is A Great Option For Industrial Look Floors.

Concrete floors of industrial spaces are still one of the most popular flooring trends for interiors and exteriors. The modern and clean look of these floors is very much preferred by people of all ages. Porcelain tiles mimicking this popular look are very much in demand with their durability and ease of maintenance along with their endless design and color option. This style of porcelain tiles are also great alternatives when creating modern bathrooms.

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Dimensions30 × 30 in


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