Lithium Pearl Matte Porcelain Tile 30×30

$2.99 Sqft

Lithium Pearl – Tile that looks like marble. 30×30 rectified porcelain tile in light greys tones with the matte finish. Amazing quality with 14 different faces from TAU of Spain.



Lithium Ligh Pearl is one of the most popular flooring tiles with its amazing design and its attractive light grey tones. Thanks to its low contrast graphics, Its beautiful marble style movement flows smoothly.  Besides, Its light grey color with white undertones delivers a versatile style that can go from traditional to modern and everything in between. If you are looking for a beautiful, high-quality porcelain tile that looks like marble and you want something out of the ordinary, Lithium Pearl is a serious contender.

Lithium Pearl Has 0.1% Water Absorbency

Water absorbency is the only distinction between ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic tiles with a water absorbency 0.5% and below are porcelain tiles.  Water absorbency also correlates with the strength and the impact resistance of the tile. Tiles for extreme foot areas such as public areas, shopping malls, airports, and stadiums require extra strength. These tiles are a little different than porcelain tiles that we use for residential and light commercial projects, and they are called Technical Porcelain Tiles. What makes those tiles more durable and impact-resistant is their extremely dense porcelain body with a water absorbency from 0.1% to 0.03%. TAU’s Marble Look Porcelain Tile Lithium Pearl comes with 0.1% water absorbency. It has the required specs even for extreme traffic areas.

14 Faces

Today, porcelain tiles are available with more than one print to create a better likeness to the original materials. A higher number of prints make it harder for the eye to catch the repeat. Whereas most Spanish tiles are available with 6 to 8 prints, Lithium Pearl comes with 14 prints (called face). Besides, Lithium Pearl offers amazing graphics precision that turns the look into a feeling of quality and high standards. This tile looks like the real thing at a lower cost with no special care.

Did you know 30×30 porcelain tiles reduce the grout?

30×30 Tiles cover 6.05 sqft per piece. That’s over 50% more flooring covering per piece compared to 24×24. Therefore 30×30 tiles result in fewer joints to grout.


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TAU is one of Spain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. It's also one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

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Dimensions30 × 30 in


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