Punica Bone Porcelain Tile 32x32

32×32 rectified porcelain tile from Turkey in taupe and light beige color.  This tile looks like stone and It’s available in the matte finish.


Available Over 3,400/Sqft

$2.59 $2.49 Sqft

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Punica Bone Porcelain Tile 32x32


Punica Bone is a fantastic porcelain floor tile that looks like stone from Turkey’s Yurtbay. This large-format rectified tile comes in a light beige, taupe background color with a natural stone character.  The graphics are very detailed and precise like all other tiles from this famous manufacturer.  When looked at, it’s almost impossible to tell whether it’s the real stone or a porcelain tile.  Moreover, while a light taupe color will match with most of the interiors, the stone look is a slightly different style than a marble look and it’s more trendy. Tile that looks lie stone, Punica Bone will surely add the beauty of natural stone to your interiors for the cost of porcelain tile. Besides, it will spare you the maintenance.

About the 32×32 size

Since no tile is bigger than the floor, a bigger tile only represents less number of tiles to cover your floors. If you’re in the market for new flooring, we have to let you know that, most people have been using 30×30 and 32×32 tile instead of 24×24 tiles. Even it’s a small kitchen or bathroom, a large tile is what will help you reduce the grout.

Porcelain is a product of ceramic with stronger mass. Its density is measured with its water absorption levels.  A” dry pressed ceramic tile with water absorption ≤0.5″ label is the indicator of porcelain tiles. ASTM C1027 is often misused as PEI and most people are under the impression that PEI indicates the tile’s quality. Indeed, ASTM C1027 measures the visual abrasion of the glaze.

ASTM C1027.19 (2019 edition)  recommends the following classes

  1. Class5: Heavy Commercial: suitable for intense commercial and all residential.
  2. Class4:  Commercial: suitable for medium commercial and all residential.
  3. Class3: Heavy Residential, Light Commercial; suitable for all residential, average abrasion.

However, for commercial floors unglazed through-body or double-charged tiles are more suitable.

Tile that looks like stone, Punica Bone is a Class 4 tile with water absorption ≤0.5

What Are The Grades Of Porcelain Tile?

What’s porcelain tile, what’s ceramic tile

Why large format tiles

What is the minimal grout lines



Yurtbay Seramik

From Turkey has a long tradition of producing ceramic tile materials, dating back roughly 8,000 years. In 2017, Turkey ranked third in ceramics tile production throughout all of Europe. Turkey is a world leader in the global ceramics industry due to its abundance of natural resources, high-quality ceramic products, innovative design, and fair business practices. Yurtbay Seramik (Booth #5330) always introduces a new series when participating at Coverings. Considering that the American marketplace is the firm’s second largest export partner, Yurtbay brings to the Coverings strategically developed product lines. Show attendees will see delightful products ranging from beautiful wood and concrete looks to durable countertop materials. Yurtbay takes its direction from its love of design, keeping in mind modern trends specified by the professional and selected by the consumer... Yurtbay Seramik is a fortune 500 company in Turkey. They produce high-quality large format porcelain tiles in amazing quality. Most of their tiles are in better quality than more expensive Spanish of Italian competitors.

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 32 in
Country of Origin



B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption



Glazed / Matte




Mohs 7




32" x 32"


2 Pieces Per Box




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