Syma Grey Porcelain Tile 24×48

$3.49 Sqft

24×48 concrete look tile from Spain in a dark grey color with the true polished finish. This rectified porcelain tile has an upscale look.



24X48 concrete look tile Syma Grey is a Spanish product that comes with rectified edges and true polished finish. This porcelain tile has beautiful graphics that mimic industrial style concrete floors without too much movement. Its grey background is more on the darker side of this popular color. This large tile surely has an upscale look and style.

24×48 Concrete Look Tile Is A Growing Trend.

If you’re a little tired of seeing same style marble or wood floors almost everywhere you go and you want something different, 24×48 concrete look tile Syma Grey is a solid option for you. Porcelain tiles with the concrete look are especially popular throughout the design community with their clean and sleek style. This new look is very much on the rise for both commercial and residential spaces. Syma grey would also make a beautiful shower wall or would complement dark bathroom floors as a wall tile.

The industrial concrete look is a trendy style with its contemporary look. Tiles in this style usually come in the shades of grey color varying from very light grey to anthracite type, dark grey color. No matter where you decide to use this tile, Syma Grey is a tile of high-quality that will add a stylish look to your project.

Concrete Look Tile Syma Grey’s Water Absorption and PEI

Porcelain tile is a ceramic tile with water absorption 0.5% and below. The low water absorption is what makes the porcelain extremly hard and durable. Therefore water absorption level is the only value that indicates a tile’s durability. 24×48 Concrete Look Tile Syma Grey comes with a water absorption below 0.5%

Most ceramic and porcelain tiles are glazed. PEI is an abrasion test that measures the wear and tear of the glaze on a scale from I to V. The recommended PEI value for residential surfaces is III, for commercial surfaces is IV. PEI-V is recommended for extreme foot traffic areas such as malls or airports, etc. Therefore, unlike most poeple think and say, the PEI has nothing to do with the durability of the tile. A PEI-III porcelain tile is much more durable than a PEI-V ceramic tile. Whereas, porcelain tiles are very durable products, the durability of the porcelain floors depends on the quality of seting materials and the installation more than ANY PEI OR WATER ABSORPTION VALUE. Most porcelain tiles are made for residential and light commercial floors with a the PEI value of III and IV.

24X48 Concrete Look Tile Syma Grey’s PEI value is IV.

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gress de valls

Gress De Valls is a massive porcelain tile manufacturer out of Spain. They provide one of the best prices for the quality.

Additional information

Dimensions48 × 24 in
Country of Origin



B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption



Glazed / Polished


24" x 48"








2 Pieces Per Box




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