Lithium Pearl Porcelain Tile 30×30

$3.15 Sqft

30×30 rectified porcelain tile made in Spain with the stone look. Legend Pearl is definitely a high-end product with its beautiful design, 14 different faces and marble like polished finish.



30″ x 30″  Light Grey tile Lithium Pearl comes with a nice limestone effect and white undertones. This tile’s grey limestone effect is very popular with its beautiful design consisting of grey over grey movements.  Besides, Lithium Pearl’s high-quality polish finish adds an extra charm to the tile.

This light grey tile comes with a stunning 14 different faces. Made in Spain. Available in the polished finish. Rectified

Lithium Pearl is also preferred by many customers for bathrooms

Today, porcelain tiles became more sophisticated than ever before. Unlike the old tiles that repeated the same print (face) over and over, modern tiles come with many different prints. The number of prints indicates the quality of the production: higher numbers representing a higher quality production.

Light Grey Tile Lithium offers a high number of prints beside other high-quality features.

Lithium Pearl comes with 14 different prints to ensure a real natural stone effect for your floors. Besides, its large size will reduce the seam by minimizing the use of grout.

If you are interested in a light grey color large format tile, Altamura Pearl is another option that we import from the same manufacturer.

Lithium Pearl is also available in a Matte Finish

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TAU is one of Spain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. It's also one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

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Dimensions30 × 30 in


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