White Porcelain Tile Baranello 30×30

$3.15 Sqft

White Porcelain Tile Baranello comes with soft grey marble veins on a white background in the 30×30 size with the polished finish. This tile has 15 meticulously designed faces making it very hard for the eye to catch the repeat. This tile’s porcelain body with 0.1% water absorbency is up to 5 times stronger than most porcelain tiles.



White Porcelain Tile Baranello is one of the most beautiful white marble look tiles that one can find. This tile has 15 meticulously designed graphics, and It’s one of the most popular designs of Spanish TAU. One of the leading manufacturers in the industry. A brand with over 50 years of experience. A Spanish brand that competes with Italian tiles in Italy.

Baranello comes with soft grey marble veins that are sometimes outlined with some golds on a clean white background. What makes this tile so popular is its beautiful marble look that won’t overwhelm the interior while maintaining a real marble-like character and 15 faces that will make it almost impossible for the eye to catch the repeat. Besides, it comes with 1st quality polished finish. Whether It’s kitchen, bathroom, or living room floors, Baranello is a beautiful white porcelain tile that will look like the real marble and will add an upscale, elegant feel to the interior.

Available in 30×30 Size

White Porcelain Tile Baranello is available in the popular 30×30 size. Such large tile yields approximately 60% less grout compared to 24×24 tiles. Therefore, It’s becoming the standard size in the category of square tiles.

White Porcelain Tile Baranello’s Water Absorption and PEI

Water absorption indicates the hardness of the tile. It also what turns a ceramic tile into a porcelain tile. “Ceramic tiles with water absorption of 0.5% and lower are those we call porcelain tiles.” Therefore water absorption is the only value to determine a tile’s durability. Grey And White Floor Tile Baranello comes with water absorption of 0.1% or below. It’s an extremely hard product.

Most ceramic and porcelain tiles are glazed products. PEI is an abrasion value that indicates the wear and tear of the glazed surface on a scale from 1 to 5. The recommended value for residential surfaces is PEI-III, for commercial surfaces is PEI-IV. PEI-V is recommended for extreme foot areas such as malls or airports. All porcelain tiles are made within the PEI-III and IV rate. Grey And White Porcelain Tile Baranello’s PEI value is V.

Since the durability of a tile depends on water absorption levels, A PEI-III porcelain tile will last much longer than a PEI-IV ceramic tile. However, the quality of the setting materials and the installation can increase or lower the durability of the porcelain floors more than ANY PEI OR WATER ABSORPTION VALUE.

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TAU is one of Spain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. It's also one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

Additional information

Dimensions30 × 30 in

B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption


Country of Origin







Polished Glaze




30" x 30"


3 Pieces Per Box, 30 Boxes Per Palette




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