24×48 Royal Marble Satin Tile

$4.29 Sqft

24×48 White Porcelain Royal Marble comes with a beautiful design that mimics Italian Statuario Marble With The Satin Finish. DCOF>0.42 Non-skid tile from Turkey


24×48 White Porcelain Tile Royal Marble comes with a beautiful design that mimics Italian Statuario Marble. However, Its veining character is softer than the original version. This tile also has some touch of gold.  Royal Marble is definitely an elegant choice for most interior styles. Allover, It’s a beautiful porcelain tile.

24×48 White Porcelain Tile Royal Marble Comes With The Satin Finish

The satin finish feels softer than all other tile finishes, and It’s probably the one that feels the nicest under the feet. 24×48 White Porcelain Royal Marble comes with that soft finish and also with a DCOF>0.42 that makes it a safer choice even in wet areas.

Porcelain is a product of ceramic with stronger mass. Its density is measured with its water absorption levels.  A” dry pressed ceramic tile with water absorption ≤0.5″ label is the indicator of porcelain tiles. ASTM C1027 is often misused as PEI and most people are under the impression that PEI indicates the tile’s quality. Indeed, ASTM C1027 measures the visual abrasion of the glaze.

ASTM C1027.19 (2019 edition)  recommends the following classes

  1. Class5: Heavy Commercial: suitable for intense commercial and all residential.
  2. Class4:  Commercial: suitable for medium commercial and all residential.
  3. Class3: Heavy Residential, Light Commercial; suitable for all residential, average abrasion.

However, for commercial floors unglazed through-body or double-charged tiles are more suitable.

24×48 white porcelain tile Royal Marble is a Class 4 tile with water ab0sorption ≤0.5

What Are The Grades Of Porcelain Tile?

What’s porcelain tile, what’s ceramic tile

Why large format tiles

What is the minimal grout lines





Dimensions 24 × 48 in
Country of Origin



B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption



Glazed / Matte






24" x 48"






2 Pieces Per Box






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