8×48 Gardenia Blue

$5.29 Sqft

Wood Like Porcelain Tile Gardenia Blue offers an upscale look and feel from an upscale manufacturer. 8×48 rectified porcelain tile with the wood look from Italy in blue color with an outstanding design.


Today, Wood Like porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative to the original hardwood floors. Besides, this new style product is capable of bringing in new colors, and exotic style designs onto the table. Gardenia Blue is a fantastic example of how creative the tile industry can become when it comes to styles that we wished existed but it did not in the past:  An exotic, yet modern style Bule color hardwood floors!

This high-quality tile has so appealing graphics and color that may tempt you to go out of your way. Gardenia Blue is an upscale look from upscale manufacturer offered for a reasonable budget.

Wood Like Porcelain Tile Is the Best Alternative to Hardwood Floors With Superior Features.

When compared to Laminate, Vinyl, and Engineered wood floors, porcelain tile is a superior product that offers the exact same look and the feel with better durability. Moreover, porcelain tiles are dent and 100% waterproof. They are very hard to scratch and they clean very easy.No matter how much waterproof the label says, hardwood and laminate floors have no room in a bathroom or shower walls. Wood like porcelain tiles, on the other hand, can help you carry your main floor tiles into your bathrooms. Or if you desire your bathroom to have a different look than the rest of your floors, you can design an entire bathroom with this exotic blue tile. You can also use it on shower walls or create a stunning accent wall in your shower.


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Dimensions 8 × 48 in



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