Palmi Tan Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8×48

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8×48 rectified porcelain tile with the look of hardwood floors. Tested DCOF > 0.42 for wet areas. High-End flooring product with a dazzling 45 faces.

Available over 3,900 Sqft

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Hardwood Tile Palmi Tan comes with the natural wood effect in the shades of brown color and white grains. 8×48 rectified porcelain tile made in Spain

Hardwood Tile Palmi Tan comes with 45 different faces.

Today, porcelain tiles are available with more than one graphic to ensure a realistic likeness to the original flooring materials. Each graphic is called a face. Higher numbers represent a higher level of production.

Palmi Tan comes with a stunning number of 45 faces to ensure one of the most realistic hardwood effects. Besides its realistic effect, It also has some touch of white color placed within the grains to complement the popular white color that we have in many interiors.  This tile with an elegant look is ideal for those who are looking for a real-like wood tile in the shades of medium brown color and, that doesn’t have too much movement.

Hardwood Tile Palmi Tan’s Water Absorption and PEI

Water absorption indicates the hardness of the tile. It also what turns a ceramic tile into a porcelain tile. “Ceramic tiles with water absorption of 0.5% and lower are those we call porcelain tiles.” Therefore water absorption is the only value to determine a tile’s durability. Hardwood Tile Palmi Tan comes with the water absorption of 0.1% or below. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles are glazed products. PEI is an abrasion value that indicates the wear and tear of the glazed surface on a scale from 1 to 5. The recommended value for residential surfaces is PEI-III, for commercial surfaces is PEI-IV. PEI-V is recommended for extreme foot areas such as malls or airports. All porcelain tiles are made within the PE-III to PEI-IV rate.

Since the durability of a tile depends on water absorption levels, A PEI-III porcelain tile will last much longer than a PEI-IV ceramic tile. Hardwood Tile Palmi Tan’s PEI value is IV. However, the quality of the setting materials and the installation can increase or lower the durability of the porcelain floors more than ANY PEI OR WATER ABSORPTION VALUE.

Hardwood tiles are porcelain tiles mimicking the look of hardwood floors with an incredible likeness without the maintenance of wood. Tiles clean with a little effort, and last much longer than laminate or vinyl floors. They won’t break easily. They won’t dent. Besides, Hardwood tiles perform well in wet areas. Palmi Tan scores 0ver 0.42 in dynamic coefficiency of friction test. Therefore, this tile can also be used for bathroom floors.

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TAU is one of Spain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. It's also one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

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