Seleni White Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8×48

$2.79 Sqft

8×48 Rectified Whitewash Wood Look Porcelain Tile With Light Grey Undertones. Made In Spain. 45 Different Faces. DCOF>0.42


Whitewash Tile Seleni comes with the favorite hardwood effect in a very light grey color. Its whitewash effect and its excellent design made this tile a best seller for a large variety of interiors.

Color body porcelain floor tile with rectified edges. Available in 8×48 size with the matte finish. DCOF>0.42

Whitewash Tile Seleni comes with 45 different design to create a real wood effect on your floors

This beautiful whitewash tile contains all the qualities that you may ask from a porcelain floor tile.  In case of an unfortunate crack, the color goes all the way through the tile. It’s rectified. Made in one of the most reputable factories in the world. it comes in a large 8×48 size. It has high definition inkjet prints and it comes with 45 beautiful patterns. Plus it meets DCOF>0.42 for wet surfaces.

What is Dynamic Co-efficiency of Friction DCOF

ANSI® A326.3 includes a method for measuring Dynamic Coefficiency of Friction (DCOF) and a recommended value of 0.42 for the interior, level floors that are likely to be walked upon when wet.


Some of our customer who chose Lithium Pearl Tile for their main floors used Whitewash Seleni in their bathroom. If you want to complement grey color main floors in a different style in your bathroom, Seleni White deserves the consideration.

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TAU is one of Spain's leading ceramic tile manufacturers. It's also one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

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Dimensions48 × 8 in


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