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We know how important samples are when choosing tiles. Therefore, we send you almost one square foot big samples

You Can Buy Your Tiles Online. We are Here to Help.

When shopping for your new floors, if you are looking for price as well as the quality, having run warehouses and retail stores for more than 15 years, I can tell you that in tile industry warehouse and the showroom generate separate overheads as you can’t store your tile inventory in a showroom or in a tile store. If you want a warehouse where shoppers can walk around, you need a huge space and double the employees. Some people can tell you that you’re getting warehouse prices. However, believing that a product that needs large spaces to stock and some serious logistic to bring it in from the overseas would be sold for its operational cost in a tile store, is also believing that the tile store and its employees are working for free, internet, phone, and power companies providing free services as well as all miscellaneous expenses are provided for free. If you want price and quality, or shop from the convenience of your home, or you don’t have time to drive from one tile store to another one, we are here to help you with your tile choice. That’s why we are offering almost one square foot big samples for free and shipping them of half of what it cost: $10.00

How to Order a Sample

Order Sample button is right below the product description.
If a product is available with more than more option (size, color, or finish), In order to order your sample, first you need to choose your desired option. Then you can add your samples to your shopping cart. You can order any two samples for $10.00
The reality is: our samples are free. What you do is to cover some of the shipping cost. Please make sure that you entered the right shipping address to assure that your samples are sent to the right address.
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Large Porcelain Tiles Only
All our floor tiles are large or extra-large porcelain tiles for minimal grout lines.
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