Wood Look Tiles

We offer Italian, Turkish and Spanish wood look porcelain tiles that come with some serious artwork that lies behind their designs. Such designs are not only created to perfectly suit your interior or exterior style but also made with an incredible resemblance to the real hardwood floors.
Porcelain Tiles Offer More Color and More Style Than Other Wood Alternatives.
Compared to laminate, vinyl and engineered wood floors, wood look tiles offer broader style and color options along with better longevity. Their impeccable quality is recognized worldwide.
Porcelain or Ceramic?
Porcelain is the name for harder and denser ceramic with lower water absorption. It’s a stronger, more durable product that provides better longevity. It’s exactly the type of product that we need when we choose floor tiles. If you are choosing wood look tile flooring Wood Look, you may want to make sure that the tile you’re buying is porcelain.
What size Wood Look Tile?
Wood-look tiles come in the plank size. They are long. But they are also quite narrow. Therefore, the size may be misleading. For example, even though 36″ is a big length for a tile, a 6″x36″ plank is only equal to a 16″x16″ tile, which doesn’t exist anymore. A 6″x24″ tile is equal to only a 12″x12″ tile that was, indeed, the style 30 years ago.

We believe 8″x45″, 8″x48″, and 9″x48″ are the optimum sizes. This year we decided to add larger sizes to our collection.