Porcelain Slab Tile

Porcelain is probably already in your home. Porcelain is used for dinnerware, vases, floor tiles, sinks and toilets. It is a beautiful, strong and durable material that has been appreciated for centuries, and the individuals and companies working with it are still discovering ways to use it in new ways.

The porcelain slab available in our inventory is absolutely stunning. Marble and other natural stones do not make such a statement and cannot be used in the same ways. The products are not hand-made, but are made in high-tech facilities where many processes are automated and handled by machines and robots.

How Is Porcelain Made?

What is porcelain slab? Porcelain is made from fine clay and a mineral called kaolinite. Feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides often come naturally in the clay, improving strength and color. This mix of clay and minerals is heated at incredibly high temperatures. Porcelain is very dense and non-porous. This is what gives porcelain its water- and bacteria-resistances. Porcelain also resists staining, which is ideal for flooring or walls. accent wall with gray porcelain slab the looks like limestone

A product of Europe that made its way across the pond to American homes, porcelain slabs resemble porcelain tiles, but they are much, much larger. They are often available in sizes of up to 10-by-5 feet. Their thickness ranges from 3 to 6 millimeters. If you are looking for the ultimate luxurious look for your walls, these extra large piece of tiles are ideal.

In the past, porcelain slabs were overlooked in favor of stone. That made sense in the past, but times have changed! Flooring made of porcelain is strong, durable, water and bacteria-resistant, etc. Flooring made of porcelain slabs can also be made in a wide variety of looks. This makes the design choices for your commercial or residential space much more flexible.

Why Large Format Porcelain Slabs

1. Save Money

Compared to comparable materials, porcelain slabs may cost less per square foot, ranging from $8 to $15.

2. Fewer Joints and Seams

Ideal for a virtually seamless look that is very luxurious due to its seamless design.

3. Less Grout

Less grout means less mess during installation but also less grout lines which means the end result is more visually appealing.

4. Easy Installation

Only an adhesive is needed for installation, followed by a cement or epoxy grout for seams. However, this should be done by professionals and not as a DIY  project.

5. Easy to Maintain

Porcelain is easy to clean and difficult to damage. There is no ongoing maintenance necessary to maintain the beauty of porcelain slabs.

6. Heat-Resistant

Because porcelain is fired at such high temperatures, any temperature it will experience in your home is much lower, making it ideal for countertops, floors, walls, etc.

7. Does Not Stain

It is ideal for any residential application, because porcelain is denser and less porous than other materials.

8. Does Not Get Scratched or Worn

Since durability is important for both residential and commercial applications the incredible strength of porcelain is an exceptional benefit.

9. Can Be Installed on Existing Surfaces

Large-format porcelain can be installed right over current flooring or counters, making it a great option for home renovations.

Located in Pompano Beach, Florida we are happy to work with customers throughout the state of Florida, United States and even internationally.

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