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If you are looking for exceptional, imported tile, then look no further. We import the majority of tiles that we display as a wholesale company. However, unlike wholesale tile companies that sell their products through tile stores, we sell our products directly through our online tile store. Since we don’t have to serve hundreds of tile stores, our retail prices are lower than distributors’ wholesale tile prices. We are a type of wholesale company that works for retail customers.

How Does Tile Stores Function?

Are all tile stores the same? If you think about it most tile stores seem pretty similar. For every 10 tile stores, 9 will be run by companies that display tile samples from wholesale companies / the distributor. Everything you see in the store is the samples of what the distributor imports and stocks in their warehouses. Therefore if you like a sample, the tile store will order it from the distributor for you. When you made up your decision, you’ll be buying your tile from a store buying it from a wholesale company / distributor who already bought it from the manufacturer and stocked it in their local warehouse.

Since distributors can only sell through tile stores, they have to give away as many samples as they can, to as many stores as they can, to maximize their product exposure. Having these products present in every single store is a benefactor for suppliers that mandates bulky inventories, large warehouses that generate significant turnarounds. Additionally, all those stores need to be given a sales rep and customer service. Besides the cost of the tile, all of this ads up to the price prior to your business with the tile store.

The Quality Of Our Tiles

Over operation is more compact than large distributors. We work with significantly lower overhead. Most importantly, we sell our products directly. Therefore, when buying our tiles from the overseas factories, we don’t have to cut corners. On the contrary we prefer to work with more expensive factories to make sure of the quality.  Therefore, we offer a unique selection, great quality and maybe the most competitive prices in the nation.

If you’re shopping for a tile that you’ve already have seen in another store, we most likely don’t have it. However, we can offer similar tiles with for better prices. 

If you’re shopping for tile, you’ve probably noticed that most of the tile stores display the same products. In our store we don’t, as we display various unique and rare tiles.

So in comparison to other stores, our brands are too expensive for wholesale companies. Similarly, it would also be hard to find our tiles in other stores.

In the end of the day, it is important to find a tile that you love at a price that is competitive. With our tile store, we offer a unique and individualized approach to tile selection and purchasing to ensure your satisfaction. Conveniently located in Hallandale Beach we invite you to come see our selection first hand and experience the exceptional inventory available in our tile store. If you want to learn more about tiles and our products feel free to check out more of our blogs. If you can’t find the answer to your question contact us, and our tile experts will be happy to assist you.

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