Wholesale Tile For Everyone

How do we offer wholesale prices?

We are a wholesale tile store that imports, stocks and sells directly to the public. The majority of the tiles that we display at our showroom in Pompano Beach are imported by us directly. However, unlike wholesale tile companies that sell their products through tile stores, we sell our products directly to our customers. Since we don’t have to serve hundreds of tile stores, our retail prices are lower than distributors’ wholesale tile prices. 

How Do Tile Stores Function?

9 out of 10 tile stores is a company that displays tile samples from wholesale companies(the distributor). Everything you see in the store is the samples of what the distributor imports and stocks in their warehouses. If you like a sample, the tile store will order it from the distributor for you. 

Suppliers give away hundreds of samples to thousands of stores. That’s a giant overhead there.

Suppliers can only sell through tile stores. In effect, they have to give away as many samples as they can, to as many stores as they can, in order to maximize their product exposure. Having these products present in every single store may seem like a benefactor for suppliers, however, it mandates bulky inventories that generate significant turnarounds. Additionally, all those stores need to be given a sales rep and customer service. All of this adds up to the cost prior to your business with the tile store. 

Our Quality

Only a few people would buy a porcelain tile with the marble look or with the wood look if the porcelain version were more expensive than the original material. Since the distribution operation generates substantial overhead costs, we cannot expect mainstream distributors to deliver the best ones. Their tiles are okay. 

Us, on the other hand, we import from the most reputable factories. TAU is Spain’s most expensive manufacturer that can offer up to 15 different faces on marble and concrete look tiles and up to 45 faces on the wood look tiles, whereas most manufacturers can only offer between 6 to 8 faces. ITT is well-known for its stunning designs. Mirage, Gardenia Orkidea, and La Fabrica are the most respected Italian manufacturers. Yurtbay has an impeccable quality that’s recognized by Italian and Spanish tile makers. We offer all those brands for wholesale tile prices. All the information about our products is listed on our website. Whoever wants to fact-check, can go on google, bing or yahoo. We hide nothing. 

In an industry where there are so many manufacturers from so many countries, one can never have it all. Therefore, to offer a larger selection for our customers, we also display various tiles that we don’t import. We know the cost of everything in every country, therefore, for the benefit of our customers, we only display tiles from companies that we have ties with and know their products are of good quality with prices are reasonable. 

If you’re shopping for a tile that you’ve already have seen in another store, we most likely don’t have it. 

If you’re shopping for tile, you’ve probably noticed that most of the tile stores display the same products. Well, our store doesn’t as we display various unique and rare tiles. In comparison to other stores, our brands are too expensive for wholesale companies. Similarly, it would also be hard to find our tiles in other stores.

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