Our History and Our Approach to Business

Tiles By Matthew Inc, doing business as Tiles & Stone Warehouse, was established in 2012, originating from a wholesale background. When we established Tiles By Matthew Inc (named after the owner’s son), our goal was to create an environment where customers could inspect their natural stone tiles and see the variation in their tiles before purchasing. This was something retail stores were unable to offer, and unexplained variation was a significant issue in the wholesale market.
Then, porcelain tile became a game-changer. Advancements in printing technology, along with the ability to polish porcelain tiles, made it possible to offer a beautiful marble-like gloss instead of the shiny finish that had a long-standing reputation as the ‘Orange Peel’ finish!
As we realized that porcelain tiles had become the best flooring option, we replaced our inventory with porcelain tiles that we imported from Spain, Italy, and Turkey. We were astounded when we learned about the cost of porcelain tiles at the factories.
Gradually but swiftly, we discarded the overpriced tile samples from all the main tile distributors (which can be found in the majority of tile stores). We decided to price our tiles based on our cost rather than the long-established market value.
Ever since then, we’ve been aware that some people may be suspicious of us, thinking, “If it’s so good, why is it so cheap?” The true answer is: Because you don’t know the cost of tiles at the factory, and you are paying way too much for your tiles.
Over the past 12 years, we have served thousands of customers in two separate locations without a single complaint about quality.

Why Only Online?

In 2023, 95% of our sales were generated by our website, tilesnstone.com. 35% of our sales came from local customers who first visited our website, then visited our store, which is annexed to our warehouse. 60% of our sales came from local or out-of-state customers who first purchased tile samples and placed their orders from their homes. Encouraged by these numbers, we decided to close our showroom and serve online only in order to keep our price as low as possible while maintaining a sustainable profit in this POST COVID ECONOMY to run our business and keep our employees”
Nationwide Delivery
We offer Nationwide Delivery for it cost. You will pay what we pay.
Shop & Save Like a PRO
We offer everyone PRO style low prices. Everybody gets the same price.
Online Support
Every unanswered call is returned. Every email is red and replied. Guaranteed!
Large Porcelain Tiles Only
All our floor tiles are large or extra-large porcelain tiles for minimal grout lines.