Wall Tiles

Tiles that are particularly designed and made for kitchen, bathroom and shower walls. Whereas they are covered with the same impermeable glaze as porcelain tiles, their mass is a type of ceramic that sticks easily to walls. They weight lighter and they are more bright in color. However, they are not made to be walked upon.

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  • wall tile that looks like leather upholstery

    Moroccan 3D Beige Wall Tile

  • beige wall tile with the close-up texture of real leather

    12×36 Moroccan Beige Wall Tile

  • 3D wall tile with wavy texture in grey color and white veins

    12×36 Dune Balmoral 3D Wall Tile

  • bathroom scene with 3d gray wall tile

    12×36 Channel Gray Wall Tile

  • SOLD OUTarge format wall tile with the look of onyx stone in white color with gold and silver color

    16×48 Agate White Wall Tile

    $5.49 Sqft
  • Iceberg 3D White Wall Tile

    10×30 Iceberg 3d Tile

  • white wall tile with grey veining that looks like marble in the 16x48 size

    16×48 Trigo White Wall Tile

    $5.49 Sqft
  • grey wall tile in high gloss with the look of concrete

    12×36 Arcana Grey Wall Tile

    $3.69 Sqft
  • SOLD OUTdecorative wall tile in chevron style

    16×48 Trigo Chevron Wall Tile

    $5.49 Sqft
  • grey wall tile

    Grey Cement Wall Tile 12×36

    $3.69 Sqft
  • white wall tile with vertical veins

    12×36 White Dolomite Wall Tile

    $3.69 Sqft
  • SOLD OUTTrapani White Large Wall Tile From Spain

    12×36 Trapani White Wall Tile

    $4.79 Sqft