Concrete Look Tile Flooring

contemporary style gray porcelain tile with minimum design in an interior. This is a large size porcelain on the Walls and Floor

You’re tired of seeing hardwood and marble style floors almost everywhere you go and want to think outside the box? Then, concrete look tile flooring is a solid option for you. This a type of tile that has its clean and sleek look without clutter, supporting a contemporary style. Mainly, available in different shades of gray color or light earth tones. Sometimes, in a strong in dark gray color to pop for an outstanding accent wall. Therefore, porcelain tiles with the concrete look are especially popular throughout the design community looking for subtle or even minimalistic interiors or those who want to bring in an accent to break the silence a little bit. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, Concrete look flooring tile is a style that deserves consideration.

Porcelain or Epoxy Finish?

open once pt kitchen with concrete look tile flooring

If you like the look epoxy polished concrete floors, you don’t need to look further. It’s probably hidden under your carpet. However, when you want to bring this hidden gem to the day light, you’ll realize that epoxy polish is costly. A little later, you’ll also realize that it scratches easy, gets dirty easily.

On the other hand, porcelain tile with the concrete look will offer the exact same look without a maintenance for a very long time. If you’re considering this finish for your garage, and you were talked out of porcelain because you were told it would crack, NO! Once installed properly, porcelain tile won’t crack with the weight of your car. The only way to crack it, is to drop a heavy tool from a distance. For a such case, you may want to keep a couple of extra boxes form your installation. that’s all.

Concrete Look Tile Flooring Offers a Modern, Stylish Design

In addition to durability and ease of maintenance, porcelain tiles also stand out with their fantastic array of color and styles. Manufacturers can give any color or design to the tile, they can offer endless color, shade, and style options. They can offer concrete look tile flooring based on limestone character, they can offer you lots of character or with minimum character. The limit of design and colors option in porcelain tiles is the limit of human creativity, Much like a painter’s canvas.

Besides the living spaces, you can also take advantage of these stylish, modern tiles when designing a bathroom, shower wall or a kitchen or commercial spaces.

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