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Why Large Tile Flooring is Good?

Large tile flooring in an exciting feature. Let us explain why?

So the day has come, and you are finally ready to dive into your flooring selection process. As you start clicking through the options, maybe you are realizing that there is a lot more to floor tile than just colors or patterns. From materials, to size, etc. there is a lot to take in and process. Often when consulting with designers and homeowners, we find that tile size is one of the more significant aspects of design that needs to be considered. From grout lines, to visual appeal, the size of your tile can have a huge impact on the resulting look in a space. This brings us to large tile flooring.

Every day more people are choosing large tile flooring for their interiors including relatively small areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. Newest tiles and designs are only available in large sizes. In every international flooring show, everybodys’ focus is on large format flooring. But, what happened to the old tiles? Why tiles are becoming bigger and bigger?

Large Tile Flooring Minimizes The Grout.

First of all, the new tiles are being big is not like your new pair of shoes are being two size too big for your foot and you have to return them. No matter how big is the tile’s size, it’s still much smaller than your floors that your installer will cover with your new tiles. If He uses big tiles, He will use fewer tiles to cover the area. If He uses small tiles, then, He’ll use more tiles to cover the same area. Since the number of tiles on the floor is what causes the grout, fewer tiles will yield minimum grout lines. Fewer grout lines will result in a cleaner look and a more spacious feel in the room. Isn’t it good?



Large Tile Flooring Is Not New.

Unlike most people would think, large format tile has been around for more than 15 years in the form of expensive marble tiles. A 36″x36″ or 48″x48″ marble or even larger slabs used to be the only preference for expensive, high-end floors. Back then it wasn’t possible to produce porcelain tiles larger than 24″x24″. Besides, prior to inkjet printing and polished finish, porcelain tile was only a cheap alternative to marble flooring. Nobody thought that porcelain tile would be suitable for expensive houses.


Please Think Twice If You're Considering 24"x24" Tiles For A New Project Especially In South Florida.

South Florida is the heart of tile business in our country. Flooring trends start here and spread to the rest of the nation beginning from NY. If you’re shopping for a flooring project in our area, you are already aware that most people are suggesting large tiles and there are fewer samples of 24″x24″ tiles in tile stores. You may want to listen to them. Today, we all want less clutter and open spaces in our interiors and large tile flooring is an excellent way to bring an open space feel to the interiors. Take advantage of the abundance of large format floor tiles with the nation’s most competitive prices. We’re already getting lots of interest in our large tiles from other states where customers can’t find the same selection or the same competitive prices that we have here.

Compare the pictures of two floors with the same type of tiles in different sizes. The floors in the first picture have 24″x24″ tiles. The floors in the second picture have 30″x30″ tiles.

demonstration of grout and seam on the floors with 24" tiles
Living Room Floors With 24x24 tiles
demonstration of large tile flooring
Open Kitchen With 30x30 Tiles

See the diagram showing 24×24 and 30×30 tiles on the same size floors.

illustration of 24x24 tiles on a 18x18 floor
24x24 tiles on a 18x18 floor
illustration of 30x30 tiles on a 18x18 floor
30x30 tiles on a 18x18 floor



Porcelain tiles starting from 30″x30″ size up to 36″x36″ size are the ones what we call large. Tiles, bigger than the 36″x36″ size are called extra-large or jumbo-size tiles. 

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What Size To Buy For Large Tile Flooring?

The most frequent question that we get from our customers is: should I buy 24″x 48″ or 30″x 30″ or go for a larger size like 48″x48″ or 30″x60″? What size is more popular? Well, when it comes to popularity, for large tile flooring: 24″x48″, 30″x 30″,and 32″ x 32″ tiles are most popular sizes for they cost less and their installation cost less. However, if the extra cost of  30″x 60″ or 48″ x 48″ is within the budget, bigger is definitely better. 


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