24x24 White Porcelain Tile

What’s Porcelain Tile, What’s Ceramic Tile?

Available in every color and style, modern porcelain tiles offer the beauty of natural flooring materials for a lower cost and minimum care. Modern porcelain tiles are the most popular flooring materials across the world, replacing all other traditional flooring products. Today Marble, travertine, hardwood, and even industrial concrete floors are available in their porcelain[…]

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24x48 rectified porcelain tile with the look of natural onyx in the polished finish

Why Large Format Tile?

Using large format tile means using fewer tiles to cover the floors. Then, it means less grout and more solid floors for you and less tile to install for your contractor to cover the same area. It’s a win-win for everybody. Let Us Explain. Tile is a floor covering material. Whatever we cover, we want to use[…]

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