24x48 Porcelain Tiles

24×48 porcelain tiles are one of the most popular ones among the modern tiles that we have today. 

First of all, it’s a rectangular size that gives as more options to lay. Where as, we can lay the 24×48 porcelain tiles in the brick pattern or we can stack them, we can as well as come out with more complicated flooring patterns such as herring bone.

However, the more important than all,  24×48 is a large size that helps us minimize the grout lines the right way while installing porcelain tiles.


Grout is the product that we use to fill the gab between the joints. 

More number of tile we use, more grout we get. Lesser the number of tile, lesser the grout. Therefore, 24×48 porcelain tiles reduce the grout by half compared to 24×24″ tiles, or 16×32 tiles.  

If we compare the grout amount per area, with 12×24 tiles that most people use for bathroom and shower walls, the amount of grout that we’ll save is 4 times. 

Floors with 24×48 porcelain tiles feel bigger.

Regardless of the size of the room, an 8 square tile will increase the dimensional perception by minimizing the seam caused by grout. Therefore, Floors with 24×48 porcelain tiles feel larger and more open. 

24×48 Porcelain Tile Is A Modern Feature In Flooring.

Size is one of the essential features of tiles that has been evolving over the time along with other features such as rectified edges, inject printing, nano sealed polished tiles. 

When we see floors with 12×12 or 18×18 tiles we don’t think it’s a new installation regardless of the condition of the floors. We come to a such conclusion just because of the size of the tile.  

A 24” x 48” porcelain tile is a modern feature that became available within recent years. When it’s installed, It offers a modern, up to date style.

Even though some sources and companies refer to 24×24 tiles as large tiles, this is an outdated information. 24×24 is a size that came to the end of its life cycle its smaller predecessors that are no longer around.

When you are updating your floors, you may want to use an up-to-date the size as well for your floors to look new. 24×48 porcelain tiles will offer you the modern look that you look for.

Designs looks nicer on large canvases. So do the tiles!

In addition to their durability and maintenance-free natures, porcelain tiles are popular with their beautiful designs that manufacturers can come up with by removing undesired colors, veining, movement, and variations from the original materials. 

Designs looks nicer on large canvases. Therefore, tile designs look nicer on the larger surfaces. A 24” x 48” porcelain tile’s surface is 4 feet across. It offers enough space for the design to flow and reveals itself.

24×48 Porcelain Tiles Are Very Trendy For Bathroom or Shower Walls  As Well

Using 24” x 48” porcelain tiles for bathroom or shower walls is a rising trend. Since most walls are 8 feet high, the proportion of 24” x 48” tiles work like wall panels and help most customer create seamless walls with very little grout.