24x48 Porcelain Tile

Onyx Look Tile White jade

24×48 tiles are one of the most popular ones among modern porcelain tiles. No matter how big or how small is the area is, 24×48 tiles will reduce the grout significantly compared to old 24×24 tiles. Moreover, having less grout makes the room feel more spacious.
24×48 Tile Is A Modern Feature In Flooring.
Size is one of the essential features of tiles that evolves along with other features. Just by looking at the size of a tile, we can have an idea about how old or new the floors are. A large size such as 24×48 is a modern feature that became available within recent years.

Moreover, modern tiles come with modern features. An authentic polished finish, multiple faces to bring better likeness to original materials are the features that we can see in large tiles. Even though some sources and companies refer to 24×24 tiles as large tiles, this is outdated information. 24×24 is a size that came to the end of its life cycle as their 20×20 and 18×18 predecessors that are no longer around. When you are updating your floors, you may want to use an up to date size as well for your floors to look new.
Graphical Works Look Nicer On 24×48 Tiles
Besides their durability and maintenance-free natures, porcelain tiles are popular with their beautiful designs that manufacturers can come up with by removing undesired colors, veining, movement, and variations from the original materials. Most of the designs look nicer on the large surface of 24×48 porcelain tiles since they are more space for the graphics work to reveal itself.
24×48 Porcelain Tiles Are Very Trendy For Bathroom or Shower Walls  As Well
Using 24×48 tiles for bathroom or shower walls is a rising trend. Since most walls are 8 feet high, the proportion of 24×48 tiles work like wall panels and help most customer to create seamless walls with very little grout.