24x48 Porcelain Tiles (60x120 tiles)

When choosing porcelain tiles for our floors or walls, today we have much more choice than ever. However, the tile that we see the most in every tile store is 24×48 porcelain tiles. (or 60×120 tiles as it’s marked on the boxes in millimeters)

Why tile manufacturers prefer 24×48 porcelain tiles over all other sizes, and why we see at least 10 times more choice in that particular size compared to all other sizes, is simply the aesthetic that almost every homeowner is looking for today: Less busy surfaces.  

When the design spreads out on a canvas with its length that is twice larger than its width, the design looks less busy and more contemporary. Besides, each 24×48 porcelain tile is approximately 2sf bigger than 30×30, and 1sf bigger than 32×32 tiles per piece. 

Even though this size difference doesn’t seem like it’s a lot, it makes a difference on the floor. 24×48 tiles reduce the grout joints up 15% compared to 32×2, and more than 32% compared to 30×30 tiles. 

If you want the subtle look of the contemporary surfaces, 24×48 porcelain tiles make an excellent choice.

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