24×48 Varesse Champagne Polished

$4.79 Sqft

Onyx tile Varese Champagne comes with¬†beautiful¬†swirls on a¬†creamy background. It also has whites, taupes, and light beiges that flow¬†in harmony. ¬†Varese Champagne has an appealing beauty and elegant look. that makes it a stylish tile with luxurious feel. 24×48 rectified porcelain tile from Spain with the¬†polished finish.



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Dimensions 24 × 48 in
Country of Origin



B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E‚ȧ0.5

Water Absorption



Glazed / Polished




24" x 48"


2 Pieces Per Box




Beige, Gray, White




Onyx Tile Varesse Champagne 24×48 Rectified Polished Porcelain Tile from Spain

Varese Champagne comes with beautiful swirls on a creamy background mimicking an Onyx Tile. It also has whites, taupes, and light beiges that flow in harmony. ¬†This tile has an appealing beauty and elegant look, that makes it a stylish tile with a luxurious feel. If you are looking for a unique white, taupe, beige color combination in your tile this is a perfect choice. When you see this tile design in person it is nearly impossible to ignore the flawless veining and visual appeal. With it’s rich white and cream tones it makes any space feel spacious and allows for a large variety of design options that are sure to last. Considering the significant changes in home design trends that have come to include styles such as industrial designs or farmhouse looks. having a tile design such as this in a large format will ensure that not only will you have a perfect flooring option for any styles you may change to overtime, but if you are designing for a potential home resale, you are affording your next homeowners with a beautiful canvas to work with.

It has the benefits of the exceptional quality afforded by porcelain tiles, with the expert manufacturing and technology available from TAU Ceramica. 

Porcelain Tile With The Look Of Semi-Precious Stone

Onyx is a semi-precious stone. Because of its hefty cost and fragile nature that requires maximum care, It’s mostly used for decorative purposes. Since modern tiles can imitate any natural stone with amazing precision, lately, ceramic factories have been adding the onyx¬†look to their high-end lines and making this one of the most beautiful natural stone available for flooring use.

Onyx Tile Varese comes with impeccable¬†quality and pristine graphic work. It’s a beautiful tile that will add out of ordinary elegance and a top-notch luxurious feel to your interiors or your bathroom floors and walls.

24×48 Porcelain Tile

Size is an important feature that has been evolving over the years. Today, manufacturers can offer large tiles for prices that they couldn’t have offered before. With large tiles, we can cover the floors with fewer tiles and eliminate the grout lines. Thus, ¬†we can achieve a solid look for our floors. Onyx Tile Varese Champagne is available in 24×48 size.

Varese Champagne Is a Durable Product

Whereas people are making upgrades of tiles on their own, the most important future of the porcelain tile vs ceramic that no one can argue about is the density.  Porcelain tile is very dense ceramic tile. Like all porcelain tiles made by TAU, Varese Champagne is much denser than traditional porcelain tiles. Besides, it comes with an amazing graphical quality.


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Why large format tiles

What is the minimal grout lines



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