Why Large Format Tile?

Using large format tile means using fewer tiles to cover the floors. Then, it means less grout and more solid floors for you and less tile to install for your contractor to cover the same area. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Let Us Explain.

Tile is a floor covering material. Whatever we cover, we want to use the biggest possible piece. Imagine, you want to cover your car with a tarp, and there isn’t a single piece of tarp big enough to cover it? What would you do? Would you try to get small pieces of tarp and patch them together or would you try to get the biggest pieces and have less patch?

Covering your floors is no different than covering your car with a tarp. Since we can’t find a single piece of tile to cover the floors, using the biggest pieces will result in less patch.

What Happens Then?

When we use less tile, we’ll have less grout. When we have less grout, our floors will have less seam, then will look more solid and feel more spacious. 

Small Room, Big Tile?

No tile is too big for even small floors. Let’s say you have only 12 square feet of floors. Do you prefer to use 6 pieces of 18″ tiles, 3 pieces of 24″ tiles or 2 pieces of 30″ tiles? Large format tile reduces the grout and gives a solid look to floors along with a more spacious feel in the room.

Does Large Format Tiles Cause More Waste?

This is a myth. Large format tile doesn’t cause more waste. On the contrary, larger pieces yield in more usable cuts compared to smaller ones. We have been suggesting only 5 to 6% waste in large tiles whereas 18×18 and 24×24 tiles usually require 10% waste factor for the cuts. 

Is 24″ Tile Large?

No matter what you read on the internet, the answer is NO. Most of those articles are written by people who never had a single connection with the manufacturers. Flooring trends develop in Europe where they are manufactured. Today, most factories are dropping or lowering their 24″ lines and working with larger formats such as 30″ x 30″ or 24″ x 48″ Soon, there will be no more 24″ tiles just like 18″ or 20″ tiles that are no longer around.

demonstration of grout  and seam on the floors with 24" tiles
Living Room Floors With 24×24 tiles
demonstration of grout  and seam on the floors with 30" tiles
Open Kitchen With 30×30 Tiles

See the diagram showing 24×24 and 30×30 tiles on the same size floors.

illustration of 24x24 tiles on a 18x18 floor
24×24 tiles on an 18×18 floor

illustration of 30x30 tiles on a 18x18 floor
30×30 tiles on an 18×18 floor

Can We Install Large Format Tiles With Thin-Set?

We believe regardless of size; tile installation requires well-leveled surfaces to prevent lippage. However, taking off the existing floors and leveling it before installing new floors may add almost $2/sqft to the budget. This is an extra cost that many people don’t have it in their budget. So the answer is Yes. You can get away with thin-set when you are installing 30″ x 30″ tiles.

Sizes larger than 30″ x 30″ requires mud-set installation.

Does Large Format Tile Installation Cost More?

Not necessarily. Sizes like 30×30 and 24×48 are not new. They ‘ve been around for 3-4 years now, and they are becoming standard sizes in flooring by replacing 24×24 tiles. The installers are pretty familiar with the new sizes and they like them over 24″ tiles since they can finish the job faster. When installing on a mud-bed, the price is the same or almost the same.


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