30x30 Porcelain Tile

30×30 porcelain tile is the new big thing in the flooring industry. This is the size for new generation tiles in square format, replacing the 24×24 tiles.

24×24 Tile Is No Longer An Update.

Size is a feature that has been evolving over the years. 12×12, 13×13, 16×16, 18×18, 20×20, 24×24 where all the largest sizes that ceramic manufacturers were able to produce at one point. Just by looking at the tile size, we can have an idea about how old or new the floors are. Today, most manufacturers are either lowering their 24×24 tile production, or they are adding those tiles to their lower-end lines.

We Do Not Sell Nor Display 24×24 Tiles

In Tiles & Stone Warehouse, We believe it’s our job to keep a close eye on the flooring industry and provide the right product for your flooring needs along with the right prices. Therefore, we do not display or sell 24×24 tiles.  32×32 and 30×30 tiles are the new 24×24 tiles.

30×30 Tile Requires Less Grout Joints.

A 30×30 porcelain tile covers almost 56% more area than a 24×24 tile. Therefore such size reduces the amount of grout and eliminates the seam issue on the floor. Some people think that they should choose the size according to the size of the floors. This is a common misconception.

Since the tile is always smaller than the floors, the detail is in the amount of the tiles to use to cover the floors. Is it better to cover 50 square feet floors with 15 tiles or 10 tiles? Or a 500 square feet floors with 100 or 150 tiles. In both cases, the right application is to use the larger tile. Lesser tile will yield lesser grout and seam. When the seams are eliminated, the floors feel more spacious.

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