Porcelain Slabs

Just when you thought large-format porcelain couldn’t get any bigger, Porcelain Slabs become available. Thinner than traditional stone slabs, porcelain slabs let you create a luxurious marble look in a wide range of applications from walls to floors, fireplace surrounds, and pretty much any area you’ll like to emphasize. Made popular in Europe, and thanks to new cutting edge technology, you can now have the authentic look of marble veining without the extra work. Porcelain, in addition to requiring little maintenance, it’s durable, and will maintain its look for years to come.

The thinness and lightweight of the Porcelain Slab reduce the stress on the walls making it easier for installers to produce your picture perfect design with the least amount of interruptions caused by ground lines. 

Porcelain slabs are extruded but not pressed.

Porcelain wall or floor tiles are produced by a pressing method. Then, the curving that occurs at the edges as the result of pressing is rectified. 

Slabs are not pressed. They are extruded. If you search up extruded tiles, the information that’ll come up will most likely be out-dated, will only refer to quarry tiles. 

However, unlike quarry tiles, slabs are extruded in a very expensive way to ensure the strength on a body that ranges from 3mm to 6mm in thickness.


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