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Unlike Electronic and Home Appliance Industry Where There Is Only A Handful Of Manufacturers That Distribute Their Products Mainly Through Large Retail Channels, Tile Industry Is Full Of Marble and Ceramic Manufacturers Across The World. Every Single Of Them Has To Be Highly Competitive In Order To Survive In This Very Dynamic Market. Therefore They Are Very Open To Work With Small Business’.

If You Think You Would Get Better Value For Your Money In Corporate Stores, You Should Know That Small Business’ Work With Significantly Lower Overheads Comparing to Corporations. Since Overhead Is What Determines The Sales Price, Small Business’ Will Give You Better Prices On Same Quality Products. Beside, Small Business Owners Are Industry Professional With Real Knowledge. They Are Usually Present At Their Business Ready To Listen To You And To Make Sure That You Will Receive The Best Service.

We Would Like To Encourage All Our Visitors To Re-Think All Small Business Across Our Country And Shop With Them.

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