8×64 Colorado Ash

$5.49 Sqft

8×64 extra-large wood looking tile Colorado Ash is the perfect choice for seamless floors.  Rectified porcelain tile imported from Spain. Suitable for floors and walls in residential or commercial spaces. Easy to clean, maintenance free, long lasting porcelain tile.


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Dimensions 8 × 64 in
Country of Origin



B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E≤0.5

Water Absorption












Colorado Ash Wood Look Tile

Tell us what you love about wood or wood laminate flooring, and we can give you at least three reasons why wood look tile is even better! With 8×64 Colorado Ash Wood Look Tile you can see for yourself what makes wood look tiles such as this so exceptional. Colorado Ash Wood Looking Tile comes in a nice gray color background that isn’t dark or too light and closely resembles real wood. It has a subtle design that doesn’t consist of too many knots, but still has a real wood look to it that makes it visually indistinguishable from real wood.

Additionally, Colorado Ash is unique from many wood looking tiles in how it can be used for home design. Rather than most wood look tiles’ rustic style, this plank was designed in a more classic and elegant style.

With gray being a current trend for home designers everywhere due to its versatility , this is a great tile for those looking for a subtle design capitolizing on its gray color. Also, 8×64 porcelain tiles cover appx. one sqft more compared to 8×48 porcelain tiles. Thus helping reduce grout lines in the floors and creating a less interrupted flooring design.

8×64 Rectified porcelain tile from Spain with a matte finish

Now, you can also obtain the solid look on your floors with the large wood look tiles.

Wood looking tile that many people love for their warm look cover less area per piece compared to square or rectangular tiles and they cause an excessive amount of grout lines in the floors. On the other hand, a large wood tile like Colorado Ah can help get rid of the grout and obtaining a seamless look on the floors is everybody’s common goal. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, you can enjoy the clean look of this large plank tile along with the warmth of the natural wood. No maintenance and resilience are extra bonuses.


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  1. Elite Information

    The tile installation process went fairly easy. We had never laid tile before and surprisingly it went better than I expected. Love the gray wood look color tile. We used natural gray grout. Very happy with the end results.

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