8×45 Canada Silver

$4.29 Sqft

8×45 rectified wood plank tile made in Spain. One of the best sellers of all times.

Grey Wood Tile Canada Silver comes with the perfect light grey background color and a subtle design that has just the perfect amount of wood character. 8×45 Rectified porcelain tile from Spain.

Grey Wood Tile Canada Silver comes in a light grey color with the perfect amount of wood character to lend itself to your home design. Thanks to the ceramic material, it also has a texture that feels nice under the feet. Many people who are in search of a light grey wood tile notice that many of those tiles are either not light enough, or they are almost white. So finding the best tile in the right color for your home design can be challenging, especially if you are looking at wood look tiles in grey tones. But, we have found that Canada Silver Grey Wood Tile comes in an ideal color for a grey wood look tile design. Additionally, this Spanish tile has a unique design that is smooth with a slight texture.

Grey Wood Tile  For Bathrooms

Generally speaking, wood plank tiles have more friction than traditional square or rectangular porcelain tiles, and they offer better performance in wet areas. Thus making these tiles exceptionally versatile for home designers and opening up the spaces that you utilize this wood look. As a result, many people have been choosing this new product while designing their bathrooms. If you wanted to carry the trendy grey color floors into your bathroom, you can use the Grey Wood Tile Canada Silver with no worry. Moreover, since porcelain tiles are 100% waterproof, this tile can even be a part of your design for your shower, either as an accent on the center wall or an all-encompassing design throughout the shower walls.

Grey Wood Tile Canada Siver Is Good For Kitchens

If you are looking for a tile that will complete your white or grey kitchen, and you are trying to avoid a slippery surface, Grey Wood Tile Canada Silver is also an excellent choice for kitchen floors. It has the ideal surface that you need in an are where there is a higher risk of spilling some water or oil while cooking. This tile is also very easy to clean. Just water will remove most of the stains from your porcelain floors.


Ceramic tiles with water absorption of 0.5% and lower are categorized as porcelain tiles. Water absorption is what indicates the hardness of the porcelain tile. Grey Wood Tile Canada Silver comes with water absorption of 0.5% or below. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles are glazed products. PEI is the misuse of ASTM C1027.19 (visual abrasion test of the glaze)

Abrasion resistance is the capacity of the glazed surface to resist the wear caused by foot traffic or the abrasion caused by mechanical equipment. The wear action determines the suitable applications for each tile.

  1. Class5: Heavy Commercial: suitable for intense commercial and all residential.
  2. Class4:  Commercial: suitable for medium commercial and all residential.
  3. Class3: Heavy Residential, Light Commercial; suitable for all residential, average abrasion.

Whereas all porcelain tiles are within Class3 and 4,  the quality of the setting materials and the installation can increase or lower the durability of the porcelain floors more than anything.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or an experienced designer, we are here to help you. Our team of tile experts is committed to helping you realize your tile design in your home without sacrificing on quality or price. So contact us today, and let us help you find the perfect tile for your home.

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