8x48 Wood Tiles

8×48 size wood tiles have been an industry standard for the last 5 years by the larger area that they cover per piece compared to earlier examples of the wood tiles. These tiles are very still popular with their look and prices.
8×45 and 9×47 size tiles are also considered in this size group for different manufacturers may use slightly different measurements while producing their tiles.

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  • porcelain tile that looks like wood in light grey color from Spain

    8×45 Canada Silver

    $4.49 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • looking porcelain tile hardwood floors that comes in warm tones.

    8×48 Loire Warm Night

    $3.49 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • SOLD OUTPorcelain floor tile with grey wood grains on a white background in the whitewash style

    8×48 Jacaranda White

    $1.99 Sqft
  • SOLD OUTgrey color wood look porcelain tile is in clearance

    8×48 Alder Ice

    $1.69 Sqft
  • SOLD OUTporcelain tile that looks like oak wood plank. It comes wit a nice dark brown color and some natural looking wood movements.

    8×48 Jacaranda Oak

    $1.69 Sqft
  • Wood look porcelain tile from Spain in dark brown color with some red hues for a warm style interior flooring.

    8×48 Eternal Teak

    $3.99 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • Selandia Haya is a porcelain floor tile in light earth tone looking like wood

    8×48 Selandia Haya

    $3.99 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • Selandia Miele is a porcelin tile with the look and style of barn wood. Imported from Spain

    8×48 Selandia Miele

    $3.99 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • Rectified porcelain floor tile in barnwood style.

    8×48 Selandia Fumo Wood Tile

    $4.29 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • 8x48 porcelain wood looking tile from Spain with a design that blends the natural with the modern

    8×48 Selandia Ebano

    $3.99 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • Porcelain Tile Plank Palio Beige blends concrete elements with the wood look in a quite modern design

    8×48 Palio Beige

    $3.99 Sqft Order Your Samples
  • palio grey is a wood look porcelain tile adding concrete elements to the wood style

    8×48 Palio Grey

    $3.99 Sqft Order Your Samples