8×48 Jacaranda Oak

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8×48 Wood plank tile with the look of oak wood type hardwood floors. Beautiful design. Strong porcelain body to surprise¬†your contractor for its low price. Made in Turkey. Low Stock.

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Wood Plank Tile Jacaranda Oak comes with high definition graphics mimicking Oak Wood type hardwood floors in a beautiful brown color. This tile was designed with the right amount of movements and knots to pronounce some wood plank character that will blend in with most interior styles. Besides, It comes with a high-quality, porcelain body to ensure a smooth and easy installation.

Wood Plank Tile Jacaranda Oak is a strong product¬†that will last. Moreover, It doesn’t require¬†maintenance. In most cases, water is the only thing we need to clean this tile.

You can design an entire bathroom with Wood Plank Tile.

Jacaranda Oak comes with more friction compared to most glazed tiles, and It performs well in wet areas. If you are remodeling your bathroom, this tile’s surface is a safer choice than most tiles. You can also use this tile for shower or bathroom walls. Porcelain tiles are 100% waterproof.

Jacaranda Oak Is More Than Just A Decent Tile

Tiles made in Turkey have the same good reputation as Spanish or Italian tiles. Besides, Yurtbay, in particular, is one of the most trusted brands¬†of Turkish Tiles. When purchasing a large format wood plank tile below $2.00, you may be expecting just a decent tile. However, Jacaranda Oak is more than a decent tile. It’s a good tile that is as flat as a tile can be. It’s the type of tile that your contractor will install without any trouble and will finish the job pretty quickly.¬†This Wood plank tile will definitely¬†surprise you with its quality.

Jacaranda Oak is also an excellent solution for the commercials floor. It’s a¬†durable tile that will last under foot traffic

Why Do We recommend 8×48 Plank Tiles?

All ceramic and porcelain tiles are baked products. They are all given a little angle in the kiln so that they won’t crack under the extreme heat. Therefore¬†all tiles bend to a certain point. Longer tiles bend more compared to shorter ones. Unlike what most people think, the flatness of the tile, (along with the flatness¬†of the floors and the proper skills of the installer) is what helps achieve close joints rather than the rectification of the tile. While Most 8×48 tiles are flat enough to achieve close grout joints, longer planks such as 60″ or 72″ tend to warp. On the other hand, small planks such as¬†6×24 and 6×36 too much grout. Small wood plank tiles are cheaper, but most¬†of the¬†savings from the price is wasted in the grout. Therefore, we believe¬†the 8×48, 9×48, 10×40 are the optimum sizes for wood plank tiles.


Ceramic tiles with water absorption of 0.5% and lower are categorized as porcelain tiles. Water absorption is what indicates the hardness of the porcelain tile. Wood Plank Tile Jacaranda Oak comes with a water absorption of 0.1% or below. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles are glazed products. PEI is an abrasion value that indicates the wear and tear of the glazed surface on a scale from 1 to 5. The recommended value for residential surfaces is PEI3, for commercial surfaces is PEI4. PEI 5 is recommended for extreme foot areas such as malls or airports. All porcelain tiles are made within the PEI 3-4 rate. A PEI-III porcelain tile will last much longer than a PEI-V ceramic tile. Wood Plank Tile Jacaranda Oak’s PEI value is 4.

However, the quality of the setting materials and the installation can increase or lower the durability of the porcelain floors more than ANY PEI OR WATER ABSORPTION VALUE.

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