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9x48 Hardy Caoba Dark Wood Tile


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Hardy Caoba is a floor tile that looks like wood in the dark oak wood style. 9×48 rectified porcelain tile from Spain for interior and exterior use.



Hardy Caoba Dark Wood Tile

Depending on your home design you may be looking for a dramatic dark wood such as a rich oak or mahogany, so think Hardy Caoba Dark Wood Tile. The color profile of these woods are distinct in large part due to the rich, deep, chocolate tones that are found in the color pattern. In fact, many people associate luxury with the rich dark wood colors of dark oak and mahogany and we can absolutely see where this idea comes from. When you look at Hardy Caoba Dark wood tile you will find all of these unique and exceptional design elements that are present in real wood but with some of the unique characteristics of ceramic and porcelain tile.

In the world of flooring, we have seen wood look tiles are exploding in popularity for homeowners, designers, and builders alike. This comes as no surprise, since wood flooring, in general, has been a trend that has only continued to grow in demand. But with continued advances in technology people are looking for flooring that is made to last. So now we are seeing this flooring trend shift in the direction of wood-look tiles as opposed to wood laminate or wood itself.  Thanks to the continued advancement in flooring manufacturing homeowners are now able to realize their dreams of floors that look like wood, without the maintenance required.

Wood Look Tile Benefits

Dark oak wood is a beautiful and dramatic effect in any space, but due to the nature of wood itself the spaces it can be used are limited. For instance, wood and wood laminates dent and show scuffs and imperfections very readily. With Hardy Caoba Dark Wood porcelain tile this is no longer an issue as porcelain is denser and more durable. Additionally wood is susceptible to water damage over time, thus limiting it to use in dry spaces that don’t compromise the material. With our wood look tiles you no longer have that problem as porcelain is 100% waterproof.  This mean you can use a unique wood look tile such as Hardy Caoba Dark Wood in bathrooms and on walls! In addition to all that, porcelain tile cleans easily and requires no maintenance whereas wood and wood laminate floors will show wear and tear over time even with expensive maintenance and treatments.

We do not suggest ceramic or porcelain tiles for outdoor areas where you don’t wear shoes or sandals as they get hot under the sun. Other than that, wood-looking porcelain tiles are excellent for all types of interior and exteriors applications.  Therefore if you have a commercial project, with the exceptions of a shopping mall, stadium or airport Hardy Caoba Dark Wood Tile is an exceptional choice for flooring. Take advantage of the wood look in a porcelain tile on your covered patio or any outdoor areas where you wear shoes, with the rich color and style of Hardy Caoba, an excellent option for a floor that looks like wood. Also its design comes with some wood movements and texture. However, its low contrast design brings up a nice feel that would go from cozy to classy. 9×49 rectified porcelain tile from Spain.

Want to learn more about the benefits of wood look tile? Contact one of our flooring experts today! We are here to help you make the best tile choice for your home design.

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Dimensions 9 × 48 in


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