Countertop Vs Kitchen Tile

Which one to Choose First? Kitchen Tile or Countertop

The Countertop that shines in an empty house like a bright star in the night sky, definitely is an important element when designing your dream kitchen. However, once you start living in your house, that little bright star will fade away as you’ll be covering that surface with your kitchen tools. Your Island? Well, your stalls will grab more attention than your island.

The most visible elements in your kitchen are your floors and your cabinets.

First of all, your floors is the only way to get  to your kitchen. Besides, depending on the size of your home, your floors are 10 to 30 times or even more, bigger than your countertop’ s surface. Tiles are the second biggest visual in the interiors after the walls and they get the most attention.

Therefore, kitchen tiles should be picked before the counter top. Imagine you’re buying a nice and expensive dress. Would you pick your dress based on your belt or would you pick your belt according to your dress?

Another reason is: the possible conflict between the countertop and floors.

Nobody wants the design elements to fight with each other. We would want them to flow or make eye pleasing contrasts. When you start with countertop will only narrow your kitchen tile preferences. Let say that you like the white tile with some gray and some gold in it similar to calacatta marble look.

Well, if you still want to go ahead and start designing your kitchen with your countertop, in most cases a wood style tile will be the best choice to pop your accent piece in your kitchen without narrowing down your kitchen floor choice. Wood completes the look of marble or stone.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more contemporary design and considering a concrete/cement style kitchen tile, or you like the look of the natural stone, you should start with your tile, then your cabinets, then your countertop. Once everything starts coming out, it’s the right time to choose you backsplash tile.

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