24×48 Calacatta Blue Polished

$5.99 Sqft

24×48 Rectified Polished Porcelain Tile made in Spain. This tile has a design that stands out with its blue veining over a white background. ¬†It’s a beautiful tile that looks like the marble that many people dreamt off but doesn’t exist naturally. If you have been dreaming of a white floor tile with blue, Calacatta Blue is what it’s.

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Dimensions 24 × 48 in

B1a Dry Pressed Porcelain Tile with E‚ȧ0.5

Water Absorption







24" x 48"


2 Pieces Per Box





Calacatta Blue 24×48 Rectified Porcelain Tile Made in Spain

Calacatta Blue is a white and blue, rectified porcelain tile from Spain that comes with a polished finish. This tile has a design that stands out with its blue veining over a white background. ¬†It’s a beautiful tile that looks like the marble that many people dreamt of, ¬†but it doesn’t exist naturally. While white and blue tile does not exist naturally tile production technology has continued to advance significantly from its origin. So f you have been dreaming of a blue and white tile, Calacatta Blue is a perfect choice for you. As a statement (accent) tile or as a primary tile being used to cover your floor and walls this tile has a beautiful and unique visual appeal to it that is sure to impress. In addition to this, it is imported directly from a renowned manufacturer in Spain. They are known for both their great value and quality as well as their unique tile designs. 24×48 Rectified Polished Porcelain Tile From Spain

24×48 Calacatta Blue¬†Tile Comes With a Polished Finish.

Polished finish and shiny finish are not the only two different words to describe the glossy look. In fact, these words refer to two different finishes that result in a similar visual appearance.¬† Whereas polished finish is the result of a mechanical polishing process of the matte glaze, the word shiny refers to a glossy glaze. While that may be confusing, to clarify that’s the glaze that we see in ceramic products such as kitchen plates, coffee mugs etc. The shiny glaze on tiles is infamous for being slippery. Therefore we recommend polished tiles, as they offer better shine compared to glossy tiles. Whereas, polished porcelain tiles offer the solid shine as real marble, glossy tiles’ shine ripples and often called “Orange Peel”

24×48 Calacatta Blue, White and Blue tile comes with the real polished finish that is made to last and is not slippery.

24×48 Is One Of The Most Popular Sizes For Modern Tiles.

24×48 tiles are one of the most popular ones with their large size. These tiles reduce the grout and seam by half compared to old 24×24 tiles thus resulting in a more seamless and visually appealing tile design. Calacatta Blue, Porcelain Tile will definitely make your floors feel more spacious its large size. Besides, the rectangular shape allows us to create patterns. We advise this type of tiles in the 24×48 size should be stacked, rather than staggered unlike concrete look tiles.

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