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Large Porcelain Tiles

Large porcelain tile is the new concept in flooring, rather than a trend. It sets  a stepping stone that opens  the way toward  most desired  solid looking floors by eliminating the grout.  Besides, it’s an idea that deeply connects with today’s open floor concept.

What Sizes Are Considered Large Tile?

Porcelain tiles starting from 30″x30″ size up to 36″x36″ size, are ones what we call large.  Tiles, 36″x36″ size are extra-large or jumbo-size tiles.

30″x30″ or 32″x32″

Tile sizes are set in metric in  with an appropriate proportion to inches. They usually go as following:

15 cm/ 6″, 30 cm/ 12″, 45cm/18″, 60cm/24″, 75cm/30″, 90cm/ 36″, 120cm/48″

In a such system, most European factories feel more comfortable working with 75cm / 30″ than 80 cm / 32″

Therefore it’s very unlikely that the same factory would have production in both sizes.

So, if you are in the market for large porcelain tile, please do not mind the slight difference between the two. Because factories consider both 30″x30″ and 32″x32″ the same.

What Size Large Porcelain Tile?

The most frequent question that we get from our customers is: should I buy 24″x48 or 30″x3″? What size is more popular?

Well, when it comes to popularity,  24″x48″ tiles are certainly more popular than 30″x30″ and 32’x32″ tiles. However, that doesn’t mean that 30″x30″ or 32″x32″ tiles are going out of style. It’s just a question of preference.  Do you like large rectangles or squares is the real answer.