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If you think where you would get the best deals for your flooring tiles is a Tile Store in Miami, you may want to reconsider your thought.

Miami is one of the Tiles & Stone Warehouse’s service areas, and many of our customers reside or work in that area.

In Tiles & Stone Warehouse, We offer a large selection of factory direct porcelain floor tiles. Therefore, our prices are lower than any tile store in Miami Doral are. Besides, we offer a broader array of tiles in our showroom.

Our main products are 8×48 wood look porcelain tiles, 30×30 and 24×48 large format marble look, limestone look and industrial concrete look tiles. We also import ceramic wall tiles and marble tiles.

Either it’s a condominium or a house we can deliver with a flatbed truck or a box truck with a pallet jack depending on your choice.